Monday, May 08, 2006

Quick Fix

The pdf is available at

I couldn't resist this yarn! It's Peaches & Creme Lemon-Lime (100% cotton). I knit up a soap holder wash cloth thingy. It was knit in the round, alternating "linen stitch" and "gathered stitch" patterns from the 1979 Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlework.

The Pattern
2oz. worsted weight cotton
5 US7 dpns
Gauge (approx.): 4sts = 1"

Click here for the pattern!


KnotAKnitter said...

Thank you for this pattern!

hakucho said...

Wow that's a great pattern! It's funny I was just thinking about something similar while I was showering this morning I said to myself -- must make something to put all the little scrap pieces of soap in. If you knew me you would know I never waste anything!
Thanks for the pattern...happy knitting :)