Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anemoi Mittens

Happy birthday, Ninny!

I looooved knitting Eunny Jang's Anemoi Mittens, just such a fun pattern. I followed Amelia's tubular cast on instructions, which were ab fab, and used Knit Picks Gloss yarn in pumpkin and sarengetti. The gloss yarn was dreamy and I used less than one ball of each color for the large mittens.

For some reason (user error) the cuffs seemed crazy tight when knit on US0 needles, so I did the whole thing on US2s and flip-flopped the MC and CC on the cuff.

The purl side "seams" are very cool. Heck, the whole mitten is pretty cool. Wonderful pattern, lovely yarn, and passed the kitten taste test. Two thumbs up!

PS. Anemoi are the wind gods in Greek mythology. Check out Wikipedia.


Alexis said...

Question: was that one ball of each color for each mitten or for the entire pair? I am currently debating making these out of Gloss and am trying to figure out how much to order!

Jennifer said...

1 ball of each color for the pair (and a good bit left over, to boot).