Friday, March 23, 2007

The bane of my existence...

Or, Vogue Knitting International Fall 2006 #8 Arch-Shaped Stockings.

For starters, the words "replace entire pattern" in the erratta do not inspire confidence. But, you'd think that the pattern would be correct the second time around. You'd be wrong, of course. I knit both heels twice (user error) and the sole of the feet at least three times (crappy instructions). Grrr.

The yarn is Knit Picks Gloss in Cocoa (two 50g balls) and Bare Merino/Silk (one 100g ball) on US3s.

I worked these two at once on two circs to the end of the heel. The pattern is odd (based on my limited sock experience) and has an uneven distribution of instep and heel stitches (less on the heel side) and once you begin the foot decreases you k2tog or ssk the edge st on the instep with the edge st on the heel. Anyway, the point is that it was waaaay easier to finish the foot of the socks one at a time.

As for the sole of these babies. The pattern wasn't worth the paper it was printed on. After trial and much error, the striping worked out, but boy was it frustrating. I'm not sure I can explain this properly, but here goes. The shaping works out from the center of the sole (which was white on my socks). As you begin the shaping you k2tog (using stripe color that will maintain the pattern on the outer part of the sole, in my case brown - every arch dec. will use this color), k3 (following the established color sequence), m1 (again maintaing the pattern from the outside, so, for me the first round was white - these sts will alternate colors each shaping round), kB (at your center st), m1 (white), k3 (in pattern), ssk (brown). Work the next round even. On your next shaping round you k2tog (brown), k4, m1 (brown), kB (center), m1 (brown), k4, ssk (brown). Get it?

The funniest (read: I think I may cry) part of this story is that I knit these socks to wear with a specific pair of shoes that were just slightly loose. Great shoes. Do you have my shoes? Yeah, neither do I. How exactly does one lose a pair of chocolate suede 3" wedges? How, I ask you? Seriously.

Well the socks are complete and cute, I suppose. The required gauge seems a little coarse to me and my tension could have been better. But they are destined to sit in a drawer, because I have no shoes that fit over them.


PS. Thanks, hubby, for helping with the photos.


Rachel said...

Those are GORGEOUS! (Followed your link from Knittyboard.) I like your chocolatey brown color choice better than the green in VK. I kind of want to make some myself after seeing your beautiful pictures, although after reading of your pain I kind of don't.

Bufanditas said...

WOW!!! I think the trouble you went through really paid off. Your sock looks fabulous!!!! If you can't find your shoes it's just a sign that such detailing should be showed off, not concealed. Wear your socks shoeless and proudly.

kelp! said...

"Replace entire pattern" - eek! It looks like it was worth the effort, those socks turned out amazing.h I hope you can find those shoes to wear with them, you need to show those puppies off!

aija said...

Wow, beautiful! I feel for you on the pattern problems, but they look awesome. Good luck on your shoe search-- those socks deserve to be worn out :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks, everybody.