Monday, March 12, 2007

Chunky Cable Purse

Here's the Knit Picks Chunky Cable Purse using the recommended 2 balls of Sierra yarn, in an, apparently, discontinued color.
This pattern is a great intro to cables. It knits up pretty quickly at 2.5 sts to the inch. And the finishing is a snap if you use a premade canvas tote as the pattern suggests.

I added an extra cable repeat (working rows 1-8 three times, instead of two, then rows 1-3 once more for a total of 27 rows), which used up almost all of the yarn and made the purse the same height as the canvas tote lining.

This made the handle attachment much simpler. I just cut the tote handle in half and threaded each of the resulting four webbing strips through the handle openings, then sewed them in place.

Make sure the tote is turned inside out and the handles are sewn on the outside. Trim off the excess webbing and slip the tote, which is now sporting your purse handles of choice, inside your knitting.

I used a machine to stitch the knitting to the canvas (do ignore the terrible thread tension), making sure the knitting covered the canvas compeletely.


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