Thursday, July 12, 2007

riddle me this.

i just realized that the exif data was no longer appearing on my photoblog. briefly, exif data is information about the camera settings (iso, aperature, shutter speed, ect.) that is embedded in the image file. scrolling back through my images, it became apparent the the exif stopped when i started shooting raw instead of jpeg. fyi, jpeg is a standard image compression format, which reduces the file size of the uncompressed, or raw, files.


first thing: my nikon view won't open the d80's nefs (nikon's proprietary raw file).

after a few experiments, it appears that opening the nef in photoshop removes the exif data from the image. k. so, if i transfer the raw files through picture project (the very basic nikon software that came with the camera), the exif data is intact, but photoshop sees the file as being "edited in other software" and doesn't show the handy dandy raw adjustments dialog box .

wtf? is that supposed to happen?

anyway, i have a question in to nikon support. if anyone knows how to get around this, your help will be greatly appreciated.

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